Jean-François Raynaud



UDA 148589  | ACTRA 06-05399 


Origin : France

Height : 6'

Weight : 165 lbs

Eyes : Brown

Hair : Brown

Chest : 37''

Waist : 32''

Hips : 37''

Shoes : 10,5''

Dialects : French, Japanese (light accent), English (french accent)


Special Skills : Singing (baryton), Horse riding (trained), Historical European martial arts (trained), Swimming, Jogging, Art model,

Driving license (automatic & manual)


Newly a Canadian citizen, Jean-Francois grew up in the southwest of France and moved to Montreal 10 years ago to complete his MA in Film Studies from the University of Montpellier. He joined the industry upon graduation as an Assistant to the producer in film and TV. In 2014, Jean-Francois decided to fully embrace the performing arts and joined the chorus of the McGill Savoy Society for 2 years to act in comical operettas written by W. Gilbert & A. Sullivan.


Firmly determined to achieve a career in the performing arts and the entertainment industry, he perfected his skills through workshops offered by private schools and teachers (les ateliers Danielle Fichaud) and unions (e.g. acting for the camera with Genevieve Rioux, theatre with Louis Fortier). Whether on stage or on set, he strives to learn continuously and each opportunity to perform brings him an immense source of joy.


Jean-Francois lived in Japan for three years and speaks Japanese fluently. In 2017, while living in Tokyo, he was cast for a role in M's Company theatre troup organized by Mizue Ninomiya. He played the role of an American catholic priest who lived in Yokohama and struggled with the horrors of WWII. He also acted for various parts in Japanese TV and commercials. When he is not performing, he shares his love for Japan, its people, and culture through creative videos on his YouTube channel.


Jean-Francois is affiliated with the actors regroupment “Entreacteurs”.


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