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JEAN-FRANÇOIS RAYNAUD - Bio - Acteur & narrateur voix-off


Jean-François comes from the southwest of France and settled in Quebec in 2009. He learned dramatic arts with his mentor Marie Danielle Boucher according to the approach of Constantin Stanislavski and Uta Hagen, and acting on camera with Robert Favreau and Rachel Verdon (INIS).


Passionate about Japan, he lived there for 3 years and speaks fluent Japanese. While residing in Tokyo in 2017, he held a lead theatre role with M's company, portrayed Alan Turing in a TV documentary, and starred in a music video for Unisson Square Garden.

Jean-François owns a professional voice studio with which he produces commercials, narrations (corporate, documentaries, e-learning), and character voices.

Jean-François is also a singer and recently performed the role of Raoul de Gardefeu in the operetta "La Vie Parisienne" produced by Productions Belle Lurette.


JEAN-FRANÇOIS RAYNAUD - Bio - Acteur & narrateur voix-off - UDA
JEAN-FRANÇOIS RAYNAUD - Bio - Acteur & narrateur voix-off - ACTRA
JEAN-FRANÇOIS RAYNAUD - Bio - Acteur & narrateur voix-off - EQUITY
Jean-François Raynaud debout sur la scène de La vie parisienne


Singing (baritone), horse riding (initiated), medieval fencing (initiated), swimming, jogging, live model, car license

Spoken languages :French (France), Japanese (fluent with accent), English (fluent with accent)


Lyric arts: The Parisian Life - Raoul de Gardefeu, Productions Belle Lurette, my Étienne Cousineau, Maison des arts de Laval, 2022


Webseries: French me - Jérôme, 1st / Dir: Joris Cottin, Prod: Danny Michaud, L'INIS, 2020 

Voice-over: Yoga Break - Voiceover, yoga instructor / Version 10, Radio-Canada, 2021


Camera Acting:  Game on camera, phase 1, 2, 3 - Robert Favreau & Rachel Verdon, INIS, 2021

Dramatic arts: Mentored in dramatic arts & acting techniques, Stanislavski & Uta Hagen approach- Practical exercises, improvisations, scene analysis, reading feedback, reflectionLet us share and share on the profession of actor, Marie Danielle Boucher, 2018-2021

Voice-over: Dubbing Essentials - ACTRA, 2023 / Estill Voice Training - Lvl. 1&2: 13 basic figures and 6 recipes for vocal qualities - UDA, 2022 / The voice demo: texture your voice, UDA, 2021


Singing: Private lessons in classical singing, Philippe Bolduc, 2019 - 2023

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